You always think that it will not happen to you until one day…

This is what we thought when it came to sporting accidents as we were being careful whether it was skiing or mountain biking or any other sports. However, accidents also happen to people who are careful. 

Twice already, the CMCM has helped us a lot when my husband got injured. 

The first time, about 6 years ago, he had a mountain biking accident in England while visiting family. I still remember being at a hen night when my phone rang, and he told me he was in hospital with broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and possibly a punctured lung. He did not know a lot of details and being so far away, I was very distressed. I immediately called the CMCM, and they were brilliant at calming me down by telling me exactly what they were going to do and promising to get their doctor in touch with the English doctor. A few hours later I knew the exact state of my husband, and we were planning on how to get him home. The CMCM paid for me to fly over to London and then to get to my husband by train so that I could drive him and the car home. It was all very smooth and professional, and I was really helped. 

The second time, we were on a skiing holiday in Italy and my husband fell and broke his leg. He was taken by helicopter to the next hospital, where he had surgery. He had both bones in his lower leg badly broken just below the knee, and they fixed an external cage on his leg. After having rushed down into the valley by car to see my husband, I again called the CMCM, who again were kind, caring and professional. They again got all the medical information and started preparing for the journey home. Thankfully, my husband got transported home by air ambulance a few days later, where he had another surgery to get rid of that cage and got put in some plates and screws instead. Thanks to this second rapid surgery, he was able to fully recover, and we have been skiing since. 

The CMCM is really a valuable asset in such situations, as they help both the patient and his family in a time of stress and worry. My husband and I are very grateful for the amazing job they did on those occasions. Thanks. 


Member of the CMCM since 2008